Savings Illustration From Using
A Section 125 Cafeteria Benefits Plan

Enter Pay Periods Per Year
(12 - paid monthly, 24 - paid twice a month, 26 - paid every two weeks)
Enter your gross pay per pay period
(before taxes)
(-)  Enter insurance premium deductions per pay period
(medical, dental, vision insurance premiums, etc.)
(-)  Enter estimated out-of-pocket expenses per pay period
(deductibles, co-pays, prescriptions)
(-)  Enter Daycare Expenses per pay period
(-)  Enter any personally paid insurance premiums
(not payroll deducted, i.e. personal cancer plan)
Total Taxable Pay

Enter Tax Bracket Percentage
(27.65% is the minimum estimated tax percentage)

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decimal format
(-)  Subtract Taxes

Total Take Home Pay

Take Home Pay Without the Cafeteria Plan

Total Savings per pay period by utilizing the Cafeteria Plan